Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No pictues today....


No pictures today...we carry our camera with us everywhere, but it seems like we always forget to take pictures - oh well.

We spent last week in Grand Forks - while Aaron was working, I stayed in the hotel and worked on scrapbooking - I'm almost done with our album of before we were married, so now I just have to finish it up, and do our wedding album before the baby is born :)

We also did a little shopping (got a few flowers on sale at Menards) and went out to eat a few times...

As for the baby, it's moving around a lot - I couldn't feel it as early as people say you should be able too, but there's no doubt now!

Also while we were gone, I read a book on childbirth - there's so much to know! Some of it I was familiar with, some things I'd heard of in dairy farm settings, and some things I'd never heard of in my life - so now I'm on a mission to become prepared :) So don't be surprised if I come asking you your opinions...

Yesterday and today we weeded/hoed/tilled our whole garden - it looks like a real garden now, not a swamp!

We're also preparing for the 4th of July - we're having a church service down by the lake (where most of the holiday activities go on) at 9:00 instead of our regular services, so Aaron is going to preach a patriotic message, and we're going to sing patriotic songs, and hopefully it'll be an outreach to the community, so please pray for us if you think of it!

I Thes. 5:16 - Rejoice evermore

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Daniel and Rachel said...

Isn't it AMAZING once you can actually FEEL the baby moving??!! Like you KNOW you're pregnant, but until that movement starts you don't really FEEL like it...or something. :) Oh, and I'm not at all shy about answering questions since Kaleigh was born, so ask me anything and I'll try to remember how it all went. :)