Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Big Trip - part 4 of 5

As we walked along, we saw the White House to one side, but we didn't have time to take a closer look.
The Lincoln Memorial as viewed from the WWII Memorial - I forget exactly what they call this pond, but it was pretty and there were ducks with ducklings swimming around in it.
It doesn't look like it, but there's a lot of steps to get up there! We were visiting on a Tuesday, so there weren't tons of people, but there were some - a lot of highschoolers (probably on Senior trips) and I was really surprised at how many foreigners there were!
Abraham Lincoln himself - his Gettysburg Adress was on one wall and an inagural speech on the other.
The view from the top of the steps -

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Victor and Shelly McCanne said...

The pond is called Mirror Lake, because at a certain time of day you can see the mirror image of the Washington Monument in the lake. Great pictures by the way!! Miss you all!! : )