Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coming Soon!

We and Esther are pleased to announce that Baby No. 2 is scheduled to arrive on February 15th, 2012.

We're very excited about this new life! Please pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery.

32 Things....

Happy 32nd Birthday Aaron!!!

This last week was Aaron's birthday, and in honor of the occasion, I made a list of 32 of the many things I love about him and thought I'd share it with you :)

1. He loves the Lord
2. He's the spiritual leader of our home - he's reads the Bible and prays with me every night
3. and has since before we were engaged - even on the phone if he's gone
4. He's kind and never yells at me!
5. He wants lot of kids
6. and is a wonderful dad to Esther
7. He's honest
8. He's the practical leader of our home, or in otherwords, the benevolent dictator!
9. Which means I know what's expected of me and I don't have to worry about hard decisions
10. He's good with money
11. He works hard to provide for our family
12. He also provides for our family by having a big garden and picking fruit
13. He lets me moniter the mail and internet to avoid wicked women
14. He's very cabable - can fix the van, knows more about dressing proper than I do...
15. He's sweet - sometime's he writes little notes, or kisses me while I'm washing dishes or makes me breakfast...
16. He has productive hobbies
17. He asks my forgiveness if he thinks he's offended me (which normally he hasn't)
18. He likes to be with me
19. He's my best friend
20. He listens to me talk about house and girl stuff and talks to me about church and guy stuff
21. He has more plans, goals, and purposes for his life than we'll ever get done!
22. He's tall and strong and handsome - he gets better looking all the time :)
23. He's not a show-off
24. He's a wonderful preacher! - I always look forward to what he has to say
25. He's smart
26. He's very patriotic
27. He's respectful
28. He has a positive attitude - I normally feel guilty if I'm complaining...
29. He gives Biblical advise when I or others ask him
30. He's always learning things and sees illustrations in everything
31. He encourages me to do good things
32. He tries to do what's right, no matter what I, or anyone else thinks

July 9, 2011

So much has happened in the last month! Our camera has been giving us trouble lately, so pardon the lack of many pictures...

After the other VBS we helped with, my parent's church had VBS, then the next week was our VBS - it went very well - Aaron does the rally times, Bible lessons, and game times, so it's a very busy week for him! I help with attendance and piano - and watching Esther (though Miriam came and helped with that some as well.) So many of the children, like so many others in America, come from such bad or uncaring families...hopefully the things they learned will make a difference in their lives.

Sarah trying out the Statue of Liberty cardboard picture-poster thing...

The Lord held off the rain so that we were able to play outside everyday!

On Friday night, we had a "family night" with food and games and a short program.

The Lord gave us good weather that night as well.

One day Aaron went over to some neighbors to get rhubarb - I thought he was getting about enough for a pie or two, but he came home with a big box! We were able to make 22 jars of rhubarb jam, so thank you!

Esther report: Esther this month has learned to crawl very well, gets into things, and likes to pull herself up to a standing postition. She also claps sometimes, and I just started feeding her real food - she's gotten pretty good at the rice ceral, but still isn't sure about carrots!

Garden report: The garden is still growing - we both agree that it's a little easier the second year. We've been eating lettuce, radishes, swiss chard, and spinach. Yesterday we were out weeding and just this morning, Aaron found a tomato on one of the plants, so we're looking forward to more harvest.

We also made another trip to TN, and Aaron preached some revival meetings. It was his first time doing that and he did a great job! He spoke on forgiveness, John 3:16, the Christian family, personal revival, and praying for America.

You probably saw the pictures of 4th of July on my mom's blog - our church also had a service down at the Point (park/lakefront) on Sunday morning and it went well. Hopefully it was a blessing to people in a patriotic and a spiritual way.

The next big thing on our schedule is Camp at the end of the month, and Aaron is going to be the director, another new experience, so please pray that everything will go well.