Friday, February 26, 2016

Christmas + Winter

 The girls put this crown on Julia and made her look like a little princess :)
 Her beautiful smile!
 I couldn't get both of the girls to smile nice at the same time, but you get the idea...
 We had our first Christmas program and Esther and Anna were angels - they did a great job!
 We had Christmas morning at home and the kids enjoyed opening their stockings and gifts.
 Aaron Joseph just loved the toy tractors he got - he calls them "John Deeres".
 Anna and Esther opening their new dolls from "Grandma with the aunts" (my mom)
 After a great Christmas with my family, we headed off to celebrate with Aaron's family - Anna and Esther love playing dress-up as you will see in other pictures to come.
 Aaron Joseph and his cousin that's two weeks older than him.
 Trying out the trash can -
 Julia is growing by the day!

 Some of the cousins -
 We went to a museum with a play area while we were in TN.
 Outside the museum -
 I just love watching the children enjoy playing with each other.
 We had a baby shower at church with the theme of "Jesus loves the little children of the world" with a collection of international dolls.
 The cake was red (velvet), brown(german chocolate), yellow (lemon), black (devils food), and white  - with chocolate frosting :)
 The girls thought Julia needed some dolls to play with!
 Aaron's winter project is working on finishing the bathroom.
 Esther on a Sunday morning - wearing the flower girl dress from our wedding!
 Anna -
 Aaron Joseph didn't want to cooperate...
 Julia didn't want to smile either.
 Anna had a birthday last week and turned 4!
 We had a little tea party for her :)
 So now Aaron Joseph smiled : )
 Esther and Julia -
 Waiting for Hannah's wedding to start -
 Aaron and I were able to go to a retreat in Green Lake, WI.
 While we were gone, the aunts put curlers in Anna and Esther's hair - only Esther was sick that night, so her curls didn't really turn out!

This winter there was new carpet put in the church nursery - I don't have a picture of it, but this is what the old looked like :)

Hope you enjoy these pictures - in case it's six months until I post again! Make sure you scroll down and check out the pictures of Aaron's trip to Alaska also...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Julia Ruth

 Aaron Joseph, Anna, and Esther eating grilled cheese and tomato dip at the kitchen table - Aaron Joseph decided he was tired of the high chair and wanted to eat at the table with the big girls :)
 Esther asked me to take a picture of them with their dolls - Aaron Joseph just jumped in.
 Corn maze pictures! This is Esther and Anna on top of the bale mountain with Abby.
 Aaron Joseph was fascinated by the duck races - He also loved the animals and the tractor.
 Esther and Anna and JoAnna in the tower -
 A. Joseph and Anna on the bale mountain - We tried to hang out at the maze at least a little bit every weekend :)
 We put straw on our garden this year and it really helped keep the weeds down. In the trailer is a new kind of squash we planted (or at least, new to us) called Carnival squash. It had a good taste and kept really well - we're still eating it in February!
 The children absolutely loved helping Aaron dig potatoes! They made a regular treasure hunt out of it :)
 We're were pretty excited about how well the potatoes did.
 I loved the fall colors on this tree -
 We were able to make it to Isaac and Aimee's wedding -
 I took a few pictures before because I knew I'd be too busy afterwards - her sister-in-law made the cake and it was really yummy!
 The girls waiting with their aunties and Grandma -
 Isaac and Aimee -
 Esther wanted to give them a hug good-bye before they left.
 Esther turned 5! We had given her all but one little gift early, but she wanted us to put them all in a bag anyway so she could open them :)
 I just brought a cake over to the farm Sunday night and she blew out her candles there.
 We have a few nice oak trees in our yard which make great leaf piles to play in. Esther is in there somewhere too :)
 Aaron's mom gave Esther these decals a while back and we finally had a place and time to put them up - with Miriam's help!
 The first snow  - it was kind of a new experience for Aaron Joseph and he wasn't too excited...
 Julia Ruth meeting her big sister Anna! I had been preparing for an all-day delivery, like A. Joseph, but was only in labor with her for 5 or 6 hours - the time change was that night, so I can never remember - but everything went well and we're very grateful to the Lord for her!
 Esther with Julia-
 She was 8 lb. 5 oz. - our biggest baby by over a pound.
 Right before we left the hospital -
 Cowboy Aaron!
 Aaron has started to enjoy coloring too - and although he knows that he should only color on paper, he is still learning self-control in that area!
 Julia has a really sweet personality and is pretty easy-going.
 Esther is a good big-sister and usually can make Julia happy :)

 I really have to watch Aaron because he loves to grab and poke at Julia -
 Esther with Julia again -
 Anna and Julia again -
 We went over to Grandpa and Grandma's for a Christmas meal and opened gifts.
 The girls latest thing is jewelry - they collect it wherever they can and put it in their treasure box!
The children with Grandpa and Grandma -