Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Big Trip - part 3 of 5

Aaron's brother in Maryland lives about 45 minutes from Washington DC, so one afternoon we went up there to look around. I'd always wanted to go there, but never had - and we really didn't plan it before we left, so it was a nice surprise!

Unlike the rest of our trip, we did take pictures that afternoon, so the next three posts are pictures from Washington - The pictures may bore you, but it was exciting to see the things in person.

We were able to park right in the mall, but it was at a 2-hour-meter, so we walked pretty fast the whole way there and back - we had to have put on over 3 miles throughout the afternoon!
The Washington Monument - it's very tall!!
One of our favorite things was the relatively new WWII Memorial - it was large and very impressive - just like the war it represents.
There were two halves - one for the Pacific and one for the Atlantic theaters. Also, each of the "pillars with wreaths" that you see, have the name of a state on them. Of course we found MN and TN :)
From the other side. There were some current Marines there assisting WWII veterns to see the place.

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Daniel and Rachel said...

Now I want to go back there!!! :) I haven't been in DC since I was like...ummmm...between 10 and 12 I think. Way too long ago! :) I don't think Daniel's ever been there...we need to make a trip there sometime!