Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Hello! Hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving and are carrying the "Thanksgiving Spirit" into the Christmas time as well!
This year was Aaron's family's year to be together on Thanksgiving Day. The night before we all went to Nashville to look at the lights at the OpryLand Hotel and then had dinner on a boat.
From the boat, you could see the lights of the city - the water was very calm and it was a beautiful evening.
Me, Esther, and Aaron before "dinner" -
Aaron and his grandmother -
Esther and her grandmother - On Thanksgiving Day we had a big meal and hung around and visited and played games and that kind of thing. The next morning, the ladies went to do some shopping and the guys finished out the holiday by splitting firewood and cleaning in a garage.
This year is the 3rd Christmas we've celebrated together, the 2nd that we've been married, and the first we've set up a big Christmas tree and really decorated. (Aaron's mono got in the way last year!) We had fun doing it together :)

Esther just after waking up from a nap - she wasn't sure what to think of the tree itself at first, but has reached the point where there's a couple ornaments that are real temptations to her :)
The first Saturday in December we had an open house at our home for the church people - it was pretty busy for both Aaron and I getting ready, but we really enjoyed it and hopefully the people who came did too!
For my family's sake, I've included a few pictues of our home decorated - Aaron had a bunch of things from before he was married, I had some, and some were given to us for our wedding.

I'll leave you with this picture of Esther and Aaron - she had a fever for a couple days last week, but is back to her cheerful self now...
Also, this last Sunday was our church's children's musical and this coming Sunday is our adult musical. If you remember, pray that is will go well!