Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garden, VBS, and Baby News

I took this picture just this evening - we were out weeding and this is the nice looking part of the garden :) We planted the tomatos/onions/peppers about 2 1/2 weeks ago, the corn/beans/peas 2 weeks ago, and everything else just yesterday, so hopefully it'll do ok. We didn't exactly wait because we wanted too, but we've been gone a lot and the main reason is: water!! Our garden is sort of in a low spot and is very wet. Aaron ridged up rows, and hopefully it'll dry out eventually. Oh, and we're trying out okra and sweet potatos!
Aaron planting peppers - see the water :)
Last week was our church's VBS (not to be confused with Mom and Dad's church's VBS - that's this week...). We did a Western theme and it ended up being a lot of fun! Some of the church people brought sadles, bridles, things like that, to decorate and for a craft the kids decorated the straw hats you see them wearing...
I thought Aaron looked pretty good in a cowboy hat :) He taught all of the Bible lessons, led rally time and kept busy the whole time - did a great job! Here he's sharing the Evange-cube. I helped some with registration and the contest and just kind of did what needed to be done - we're both still in recovery....
We took the kids pictures one day - this is my cousin, Sarah. A few of my cousins came and even Priscilla did a couple days - she said she was going to take notes on everything we did to critique us!

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Lori Zehr said...

Nice looking garden. I love okra! This all started years ago when I met some people from Alabama. It was a given to them to plant okra while living here in Michigan! It grew well, was easy to freeze, and I loved the taste. I hope you enjoy it! It has a pretty looking flower too for a day or so!