Friday, March 6, 2015

Christmas 2

 More of Christmas morning at home - everyone was very willing to help Daddy open his presents...
 Anna and Esther
 Mommy helping Aaron Joseph -
 Such a sweet smile :)
 We stopped by all the grandparents that evening - this is a favorite nutcracker at Gm. O.
 In the midst of the Christmas pictures we have Aaron's 1st birthday!

 It was almost nap time, so he just kind of stared at the cake and candle...

 Yum, yum!
 Esther and Anna and Landon at the R. house -
 Sorry this picture is sideways...we're all so glad to have Hosanna back again!
 Aaron Joseph was fascinated with the floating tissue paper :)
 Esther was quite entertained watching the "big kids" play games...
 We made gingerbread houses (really graham cracker and peanut butter houses) for some of the cousins :)
 Grandchildren getting ready for a Christmas brunch at my parents -
 Anna excited about her own little broom :)
 Esther taking a quiet moment to look at some new books -
 The boys with their houses!
 Getting ready for the K. family white elephant exchange -
Esther, Esther, Ellie, and Kaleigh, with David behind them.

Last year we didn't come up for Christmas and we missed most of the S. get-together because of Aaron Joseph being born, so we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the family this year. OK, so now we're only 2 months behind on the blog...

Christmas I

 This is actually Esther's 4th birthday :) How did our baby get so big?
 Aaron doing an amazing job staining the kitchen cupboards. They turned out really nice, and after having stuff laying around in boxes for a while, I really am enjoying them.
 The children "reading" by the Christmas tree.
 Thanksgiving with the K. family - I brought a S. family favorite - sweet potato casserole :)
 Anna camped out at the table of leftovers and had a second round...
 Aaron Joseph at 11 months old - he started walking well right around then.
 We had a Christmas meal with my K. grandparents - the girls like to climb in the window, just like I did as a child :)
 Grandpa getting a rare chance to read to Esther.
 And back at home...Aaron Joseph loves to follow the vacuum around - he figured out how to push it and was pretty pleased.
 Aaron and I at a pastor and wives party.
 Leah, Esther, and Caleb - we made up plates of cookies to give to our neighbors. It was fun to have an excuse to do a bunch of baking.
 Miriam at the 100 year old house party.
 Two handsome men :)
 We went to the Christmas Eve service at FFC - the girls loved the real stable/manger scene.
 Opening stockings on Christmas morning!
 It didn't take Aaron Joseph long to figure out what to do...
Finally, some boy toys around the house!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Silas and Karen's Wedding

 We moved into our "church home" a few days before the wedding, but first, a new door had to be put in the girls' room to meet fire codes.
 I didn't get very many good pictures of rehearsal, but here you can see Esther standing in front of Auntie Priscilla.
 Mom (with my sisters' and her sisters' help) had a very beautiful and delicious groom's supper.
 Hosanna, Anna, me holding Aaron Joseph, and Esther
 Silas and Karen, Mom and Dad
 I went to take a picture of the cake and Anna jumped in -
 Hosanna helped me with the fondant and the flowers were what really made the cake beautiful!
 Aaron, Aaron Joseph, and Anna
 The cutest flower girl ever!
 Silas waving goodbye -
 This picture was blurry, but I like it anyway :)
I asked Silas to smile and this was the look I got...Hopefully I'll post more pictures before three months goes by again!