Friday, June 1, 2012

Home, Museum, Reunion

 Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well...and ready for summer :) I had all these pictures in order, but then I added a couple more and they ended up at the beginning, so I guess the family reunion is first on the list! We attended a reunion for Aaron's mother's family in eastern KY. I think about 75 people were there, including Aaron's aunt and sister and some of their families from PA. It was about 95 degrees that day and I thought it was a little extreme to have a picnic outdoors, but it really wasn't too bad with the shade and the breeze and everything went well.
 There were a few other kids about 6-years-oldish and Esther thought she was one of them. She had so much fun just chasing them around - we had to keep a close eye on her :) Here her and another girl are playing in the water/ice/cans of soda bucket.
 Esther loves to climb on our bed while I'll making it. I know the blanket doesn't match the pillows, but in the summer I change out our comforter for a lighter quilt.
 Esther is learning to be our helper :) Aaron dug up a row of potatos and she put them in the bucket.
 The garden is doing ok - We've pulled up the onions already and ate a few peas as well. I've never harvested garden in May before!
 Anna has such a big smile :) Her newest accomplishment is learning to roll over and she's much bigger than Esther was at her age!
 Aaron and Esther both reading -
 Aaron and Anna on Mother's Day - we spent the afternoon with his family.
 Esther making her "sniff, sniff" bunny sound -
 Anna and Esther ready for a trip :)
 Esther and Anna like to smile at each other.
 We met my family on their way home from the ISC at the Creation Museum. Aaron had never been there before and I'd never seen the gardens - we had a great time and enjoyed seeing the family too!
 Aaron and Esther by one of the ponds - the double stroller was a real blessing!
 Esther was scared of the camel, but she enjoyed seeing the chicken like birds and the wallabies.
 Aaron took this picture of some of the beautiful flowers.
 Me by a "waterfall" -
 Aaron on the swinging bridge -
 Aaron and Esther by one of the dinosaurs - "dinosaur" is one of Esther's newest words, along with "tomorrow", and "please"...
 The reunion was in the mountains - thankfully the main roads we were on weren't too steep!
The last reunion picture - Esther was taking a break to cool down and get some water!

We're also having VBS next week, so please keep us in your prayers. Have a wonderful day!