Monday, May 9, 2011

Esther's First Easter and More...

I know this is a little late to be posting Easter pictures, but oh well! We updated our computer security system and now I can post more than five pictures at a time - just in case you're wondering why I never did before :)

This week a family from church gave us some raspberry plants, so Aaron went ahead and planted them, even though our garden is still too wet to do much in. I planted a couple feet of lettuce and radishes as well, so hopefully they'll survive.

Esther has this thing for rolling toward the edge of the bed, so sometimes we 'fence' her in with pillows :)

Esther is six months old now -

Aaron had to go to a conference in Colorado last week and took a few pictures to show me -

Esther trying on a bonnet :)

Silas finally consented to hold Esther - after a little force....They even match :)

Eating her toes!

All excited!

Hanging out in Daddy's lap...

Hanging out with Grandpa...

We made raspberry smoothies one night just for fun to drink while we watched a movie -

On Good Friday, Aaron and I hosted an open house for our church people (we were going to do it at Christmas, but Aaron was sick then, so this worked out just as well...) - It was a lot of fun to prepare for and went well. I calculated that 19 different people contributed either recipes, or dishes, or actual if you recognize something, thank you! Oh, and since I didn't want to risk running out of food - we ended up with enough leftovers to share and to feed us for a few days :) We're considering making it an anual event.

Rice krispie bird nests - I remember my mom making these a long time ago -

Strawberry tea punch -

Which is the right baby?

Have a great week! (or however long it is until we post again...)