Monday, August 16, 2010

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Hello! I think I say this every post, but we've been very busy the last few weeks...In July we took some of the Sunday school kids fishing off the docks in Warroad - we didn't catch any fish, but I think the ice cream afterwards made up for it :)
Aaron and I went to help out at the Good News Tent at the fair one evening - it was very slow, but we got to help a little. I told the Evangecube, instead of the wordless book, to children who had been there a couple years in a row.
We've had a couple days already of freezing beans and peas - and on Thursday we tried making pickles - we'll find out in a few weeks if we did it right!
Saturday, July 31, we left for Camp JIM, near Baxter, MN - On Sunday the campers arrived (about 78 - including 3rd graders through high school) and we had a great week.
Aaron was the "camp pastor" so he kept very busy - he preached Sunday night and Friday morning to everyone, then the other days, he did children's chapel at 9, went right to preach to the teens after that, and in the afternoon he did a Bible study for the teens and one for the children. Plus he did cabin devotions a couple nights...
The above picture is during children's chapel - Aaron taught for a little bit, and also told a Bible story. I helped with playing piano, teaching a verse, and doing a review game.
This is during children's Bible study - Our theme for the week was the "armor of God" and they had the same emphasis each day during chapel, Bible study, and devotions, so hopefully they'll remember what they learned - I know I learned some things!
This is the chapel building (they have chapel in the morning because it gets very warm in here in the evening...) and below it is the dining hall.

The first few days of camp it seemed like the campers, particularly the teens, were very unresponsive to the preaching and spiritual things, but the Lord worked, and by the end of the week about 18 boys and girls accepted Jesus as their Savior! and many others gave their lives to Christ. It was pretty exciting!

I got to pray with one little boy - he was crying - and in all the years I've worked with children, I've never seen that. Aaron got to lead several children to the Lord and we also were able to talk to half-a-dozen teens or kids that had some questions about eternal security and other things like that.
This was the outside of our cabin -
We were very spoiled - you know how camp normally is, well, they let us stay in a brand new cabin that looked more like a hotel than camp!
The last morning, they had a baptism for a few of the children who had been saved.
We had to pull this big trailer to Badger on Friday afternoon, so we borrowed this big desiel truck for the week - it was kind of fun :)
This past week we helped out with a Vacation Bible School in Badger, MN (about a 40 min. drive) Aaron did rally time at the beginning and end, taught the 8-12 year olds Bible time and led game time. I just played a little piano and sort of helped out wherever. It all went well - there were about 18 kids enrolled.

The hat Aaron is wearing in this picture belonged to the pastor's father - it's from the early teens!
The begining of this week was very warm, so the kids enjoyed this sponge-and-water relay :)
The ladies at the church did a great job with the crafts and snacks.
Just because a post wouldn't be complete without a garden you are -
On Saturday, Aaron and I walked in a 5K walk/run that our town has - Very good exersize!

In case any of you are wondering about the baby - he/she is doing well - or at least that's what it seems like - and so am I. Only 2 and a half months 'till October 28! - and if it's born early, it'll be even sooner, so pray for us!

We're planning on actually being home for a while now, so hopefully I'll stay in better touch - Have a great week!