Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recital and Petit Fours

Esther in a dress from her H. cousins - before we get started on other things, I'll give you Esther's growth report :) Her two bottom teeth just started to come in...She's graduated from the swing to the high chair...She's learned to sit up on her own...sometime's she'll imitate sounds...and she can crawl just a little. So much fun!!

Someday I hope to teach her not to stick out her tongue...

On May 14, we had our piano recital - I was planning to cut back this year, but ended up with about 13 students. (Although, I mostly taught at the church instead of driving to the student's homes like before.) They all improved over this last year and did a great job at the recital! This is my cousin Sarah.




All of us!

Me and two Esthers -

We went to the retirement party for Mr. and Mrs. B. - It's so sad to think that my kids won't be able to have the same great experiences I had with CEF, but hopefully I can pass on the things I learned to them anyway! Thank you both for everything!

Esther is outgrowing her "I love Daddy" onsie, but then, soon she'll be able to fit her, "Daddy's girl" one :)

Like I said, she's learned how to sit up...

In May we also took a trip to TN - except for some van trouble, which Aaron and his brothers were able to fix, it went well. God protected us from all the tornados going through. We listened to "The Hiding Place" dramatized and really enjoyed that, and we bought cheese curds in WI, and were able to visit friends in IL (thank you!) - so it was fun.

Aaron and Esther after the Memorial Day service - We're so blessed to have people who were willing to give their lives for our freedom.

Aaron and I helped with a VBS in another town and the kids were giving us lilacs....one of our favorite flowers!

Pardon the state of chaos my kitchen is in! Hosanna, Miriam, and I made 250 petit fours for our cousin's wedding. It took about 3 days!

If you ever make petit fours, we learned some tricks - freeze the cake with a layer of frosting on top, freeze it again after you cut it and only take out a couple squares at a time, keep the glaze warm in a double boiler, pour the glaze over the cake on a wire rack with a pan under it, then you can reheat the extra glaze that falls through two more times before it gets too thick, but I don't think there's any way to make it easy!

The petit fours as the wedding
Esther and I after the wedding
This weekend a missionary from Africa was able to come and speak at our church. It was very informative.
We cut and froze ten bags of rhubarb - our first "preserving" of the year!

I'm sure you're all wondering where the garden pictures are...I keep forgetting to take them, but never fear, we planted it a little over a week ago (excpet the lettuce and spinach that were planted earlier - we've already ate one salad - even though it was probably a little soon...) and stuff is just starting to come up. Just today, Aaron planted a couple more things and we're praying that it won't rain too much in the next few days!
Rejoice evermore!