Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cowgirls (4 of 4)

 You may want to scroll down to the first post and read these backwards! I don't remember when this was taken, but it was one of the beautiful mornings we have down here...
Aunt Rebekah thought the girls would enjoy matching their "cowboy" cousins - which they do! This picture is actually from the beginning of January...Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Birthday Cake (3 of 4)

 Aaron helping Anna figure out how to open a gift -
 The traditional photo shoot of a child's first birthday cake :) We substituted gingerbread and whipped cream because that's one of our favorite treats...
 Anna has no trouble feeding herself, in fact, I forget that she can't eat like Esther does.
We're so grateful for our little girls - they're so much fun :)

Monkey and 1st Birthday (2 of 4)

 It was Anna's 1st birthday in February and her gift from Grandma V was this stuffed monkey - for some reason, out of all her toys, she loves this monkey the best :)
 She even sleeps with it - Anna is such a funny baby and has been amazing us with what she knows - like pretending to talk on the phone, and color on paper, and try to put on her shoes. She's also been learning a few words.
 Anna had her own little party with just us, then she got cupcakes up at Grandma S.'s too!
This picture was on her actual birthday - one of her favorite gifts was her very own sippy cups!

Grandpa and Red Jumpers (1 of 4)

 These posts are going to be out of order and way out of date, but I think they're worth the wait :) This picture is actually recent - my parents spent a couple days with us and the girls had so much fun with their grandparents! - especially Esther and Grandpa - the first thing she wanted to do when they got here was look at "cow books".  I really enjoyed seeing them as well!
 Two different people gave the girls these outfits, and they're not exactly the same, but enough that I thought pictures were in order :)
I couldn't get both girls smiling and a good view of both jumpers at the same time!