Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Last week I made some rhubarb jam - it was my first time really canning without Mom there to answer questions - I think I only called home once....It went really well (it should have considering all the jam Aaron and I made last summer! - he helped me with putting the jam in jars) and looks nice in our pantry.
The rhubarb cooking down -
What else is new? We just started a Bible study Wednesday evenings on a little book called the "Treasure Principle"...Aaron read it and enjoyed it so much he had me read it and now we're going through it at church. It basically says that giving isn't a drudgery, it's smart b/c it's storing up treasures in heaven where they'll last forever.
One last thing - it was Aaron's 31st birthday yesterday! We were in Grand Forks, so I brought his gift along (even though I ordered it with his money...) and we went out for supper.
So Happy Birthday to the best husband in the whole world ! :)


Elsie Gibbs said...

Oh hey, I'm starting some Rhubarb jam too. I'm also going to make some Rhubarb Butter. I just picked a full laundry basket full of Rhubarb!! It should take me a couple of days to make it all :D I'll post some pics on my blog too. Happy Birthday to your husband. God bless you two. You're a blessing.
Ms. Elsie

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I think that was an adventure to adjust to. Spending "his" money for all of your needs and wants at times!!

All in a Day said...

Happy birthday, Aaron!

Daniel and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!!! After we drove away from your place Monday I realized I hadn't said anything to you!! :( I really did remember!! :) Oh, and I like your profile update. :) YAY! You're finally MARRIED!!! LOL.