Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Pictures

Since you can never see enough wedding pictures, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites...Aaron was so nice and let Anna and I fly to Ben and Emily's wedding even though he couldn't make it - I had an absolutely wonderful time!
Amos, Ben, Rachel, Reuben - my cousins are some of my best friends ever!
 Rebekah and her boys - they were so quiet during the wedding :)
 Matthew and Rachel - the guest book was actually a picture book, which I thought was a great idea!
 Rachel did an amazing job arranging most of the flowers!
 The flowergirls -
 Emily and her dad -
 Wasn't the back of her dress and veil pretty?
 I thought it would be best to sit in the back b/c of Anna.
 Vows -
 Prayer -
 One of the cheesecakes on the head table -
 Elizabeth -
 Sarah holding Anna at the reception -
 The cake -
 All but four of the GK family were there.
It was so windy the wheat flew everywhere! Anyway, it was one of the prettiest, most fun weddings ever! - and the best part was seeing them so happy together :)