Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Last October Update - September

 I selected these pictures out of order, but I think they're all from the last month. All those things on the ground, other than the leaves, are tomatoes....ours didn't do exceptionally last year, so this year we planted extra and got more than we needed :) I have a feeling we're going to be eating a lot of chili and spaghetti this winter! Aaron actually took this picture to show the baby standing - he'll even stand without holding onto anything, but hasn't taken any steps yet.

 Esther wouldn't hardly sit on a swing at the beginning of the summer, but now swinging is one of her favorite things to do.
 Esther and Anna in the corn box at the corn maze.
 One of their favorite things to do there is look at the animals -
 and beg Grandpa for a pony ride :)
 Jeriah and Esther on a hayride -
 Aaron's new office - It was originally an office, then used as a nursery, but we will most likely use it for an office again. We were finally able to close on our new church home! Thank you to all of you that prayed for that situation...In the next few weeks we'll be putting in a shower, washer and dryer, and kitchen sink - I'm excited to unpack all our stuff and settle in :)
 Jenna, Anna, and Esther
 More corn maze fun :)
 Aaron Joseph - I didn't realize we had so many pictures of him standing...I guess the miracle of growth is still fun to watch even on the third child!
 All dressed and ready for church!

 Playing in the grass -
 Waking up from nap -
 Tomatoes turned into spaghetti sauce - We also made salsa and stewed tomatoes, and I've frozen some and dehydrated some - as well as eating tomato sandwiches for a lot of quick busy-day meals.
We're so grateful for the Lord's provision!
The girls and their Aunt Miriam -

October Update 4 - ND

 I spent more time at playgrounds this summer than I have since the last year I taught 5-day-clubs :)

 Aaron took us girls into GF for a special day...

 Aaron Joseph starting to pull himself up....
 We took a walk to look at the static displays of old planes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Update 3 - Apple, Chipmunk, Clothes Line, Hat

 There's an apple tree out behind the house and Aaron took the girls out to pick a few -
 There's a chipmunk (or maybe there's several) - that lives near the house and has provided us entertainment this summer. This is on our front porch.
 Since we knew we'd only be in this place for a few months, we didn't bother to hook up our dryer, so I've been using a clothes line. It seems like the best way to keep Aaron Joseph out of trouble is to put him in with the clothes :)
 I don't actually remember why the clothes are on the ground...
 One of our first visits to one of our favorite places!
 It's amazing how just a couple months ago, he was just starting to push himself up and now he pretty much gets where he wants to go.

Everyone's awake from their naps, so more tomorrow!

October Update 2 - Camp and Conference

 We went to a camp for a week and got a chance to go for a boat ride - it was the girls first time.
 It was a beautiful evening to be out in God's Creation.
 Anna with Donna -
 Esther holding a fishing pole -

 Anna helping Daddy pull one in :) Whatever these little fish were, a few of them bit while we were on the boat, then the next day we fished a little off the docks and caught a bunch.
 Esther was pretty excited!
 Aaron teaching a class at camp.
 We went straight from there to a meeting in Rochester and stopped in for a minute to say hi to Mrs.J.
We met a family at the meeting who also had a three year old named Esther!

October Update 1 - July

 I hope you all like pictures of Aaron Joseph because these posts are going to have a lot of them. This summer has been rather chaotic - it seems like we've been gone almost more than we've been home - which home we moved into during June and are about to move out of...but we've had some pretty fun times too :)

Above is Aaron and the girls with the E. family chickens - we house sat for them a little this summer and the girls still talk about their pig - and other animals...
 Aaron milked their goats by hand - and since there was more milk and eggs around than we could keep up with, I experimented with custards and puddings.
 The cutest Aarons in the world!

 We were blessed with plenty of garden vegetables and out of everything, the girls enjoyed helping with the peas the most. I was impressed that they could actually shell them.
 Six S. cousins in one picture. Nathan and Cassie and their children moved up here in July and all the kids have had a pretty good time together - as well as the adults of course...
 I know this is another partly pink blanket - he really does have plenty of boy ones, but this was what happened to be around at the moment.
 First thing in the morning -
 Esther wanted to get in on the pictures -

 Gardening is certainly not my favorite hobby (though maybe if I hang around Aaron long enough it will be...) but since I'm involved in the general health of my family and the food budget, I've come to really love the fresh garden produce! (Just for the record - the celery did not come from our garden!)
 Esther coloring -
 The above vegetables being turned into lunch :)
 I'm not sure how Aaron got a hold of his dad's hat - but he put it on all by himself -