Sunday, June 23, 2013

Catching Up - 4 of 4

 The rest of these are just pictures from different times over the last couple months - This is my 26th birthday - the roses are a gift from Aaron...
 We had revival meetings at our church this spring and the evangelist's wife did a few things for the children - Esther loved the ventriloquist doll :)
 Anna and Esther in Uncle Josh's truck -
 Allow me to explain - due to lack of time to build the kind of fence that will keep out deer and rabbits, we're taking a risk on some things over in the garden, but our peppers, tomatoes, and cabbages are getting special treatment by being "fenced in" next to the house. Hope it works!
 I'm having trouble rotating pictures today! But I'm in a hurry, so you'll have to excuse them, as well as the lack of journaling...
 Anna trying out the scale -
 The girls in some matching dresses -

 We had a jungle theme VBS and a church member let Aaron borrow this shirt- since he didn't have anything with flowers in his entire wardrobe! I was so busy during the week that I didn't get a chance to take hardly any pictures, but everything went well.
Most of the helpers at "Family Night" -


 We went to a family reunion in Eastern KY - on the way we stopped for a picnic in a Lowe's parking lot :)
 Up this hill are several family graveyards - apparently you can't drive up the hill without a truck, so thankfully, we just took a picture from the road!
 We ate in the evening at Jenny Wiley state park - very beautiful with the lake and mountains and trees.

 At the reunion - everyone starting to gather for a group picture -
 The kids had a piƱata - Esther couldn't quite figure out that she was supposed to leave the blindfold on!
I really did rotate this picture, but oh well!


 We went with Aaron's parents to tour Belle Meade Plantation - a pre-civil war place. After a picnic, we went on the guided tour of the home, then had a little time to look around the grounds.
 Esther in front of a little play house -
 We didn't bother to take Anna out of the stroller for the picture...
 The irises here are beautiful in the spring! They're the state flower and you see them all over.
 In front of an old wagon or something -
 This is inside of the smokehouse. I forget the exact number of hogs per year, but they did a lot of butchering.
 Esther :)
 Then we went downtown Nashville and went for a real carriage ride - it was a beautiful evening to be outside!
 The girls enjoyed the clip-clop sound the horses feet made on the pavement -
However, Esther does not like loud noises and put her hands over her head whenever we went by a place playing loud music :)


 I know it's been 2 months or so since Easter, but I'm trying to catch up :) Anna in her little yellow dress and sucking on her favorite fingers - she can be a lot of fun, but sometimes is pretty quiet around groups of people.
 Esther and Dawson eating cake on the floor -
 Aaron, Chris, and John joining in the dining room conversation -
 The older cousins set up an Easter egg hunt for the younger ones - Esther loved it! - she wanted us to hide eggs for her to find for days afterwards (without candy of course!)....
 They spent half the afternoon hiding and finding the same eggs over and over :)
 Anna caught on to the idea too!
 This is at home - Anna has just recently started to really enjoy looking at books and having us read to her.
 Aaron and Anna -
I guess I forgot to rotate this one - Esther and Anna sitting together by the patio doors - they love to sit by the doors and watch whatever is going on outside - This week we've been seeing lizards (I didn't realize TN was that tropical!) and one day had a turtle out there. They're also starting to sometimes enjoy doing things together - which is great!