Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Big Trip - part 2 of 5

Over the first weekend we were gone, we went to Union City, TN - about 2 hours west of Clarksville - so Aaron could preach at his "home church" and meet with some pastors there. He showed me around some too - I enjoyed getting to see the places where he's been so I can picture them.

This is the house where Aaron's family lived from the time he was a senior in highschool, until just a couple years ago.

This church is actually just one that Aaron's sister went to, but it's pretty typical of all of the churches we visited - red brick with a tall steeple!
On a Thursday, we drove from TN to Maryland to visit Aaron's brother, Nathan - Aaron helped him out with some yard work and church work and they got to go fishing one evening. I got to meet another Sister-in-law and an adorable niece and nephew!

Above is just a senic view - there's lots of those in the mountains. Personally, I think they're beautiful to look at, but not meant to be driven through! Actually though, we were blessed with great weather for traveling and it went as smoothly as you could hope for.
Yes, we did drive through all of that fog!

We drove to Avon, IN (near Indianapolis) on Wednesday to visit a church there where Aaron was an intern, then the next day, we left around 8 in the morning and drove all the way home! It took a little coffee and a few breaks, but we made it by 3:30 in the morning! It was a great trip, and now we're glad to be home and working on planting our garden...which you'll here more about next time - and hopefully it'll be sooner than 4 weeks this time!

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Daniel and Rachel said...

Is it weird thinking that you have other nieces and nephews who are just as much related to you as Daniel and David, yet you hardly know them? :)