Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer work at the Satchwills

We've finally had a couple whole weeks without any trips! Here's just a few pictures of everyday life around our home -

This is me cleaning blueberries. We went blueberry picking three times - the mosquitos were horrible! (at least a couple of the times) We were dressed like we were prepared for cold, only it wasn't the cold we were worried about...It's such a blessing to just be able to go out and pick berries though without having to buy them.
We made a bunch of blueberry lime jam again (we did last summer too) and had fun doing it together :)
Aaron and I sort of have a method of operation worked out - I'm very glad not to have to do all of that work myself!
We also made strawberry jam (above) and raspberry jam -
Aaron checking something out on his truck - I have a lot of pictures of Aaron in these posts, but that's just the way it worked out. He wears many hats!
Normally church people mow the lawn, but sometimes that's Aaron - the lawn is very wet, so he tries to mow it when he has a chance to do it dry!
We went out to the farm one day last week and Mom helped me with some wedding picture stuff (speaking of which, I'll try to post some more of them sometime...) and Aaron helped Dad and the guys with baling hay.
More garden pictures...thanks to Aaron's care and the Lord sending us good whether, the garden is doing fine - we've been eating lettuce and radishes from it and the peas will be ready soon!
Aaron having fun with the tiller :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More 4th of July

Hello! I noticed the my Mom and Rachel have already posted 4th of July pictures, so I'll try not to duplicate their posts.

It was a beautiful day - Aaron took the above picture as we were driving home from the parade
Sunday morning, our church (Westside Baptist) had a patriotic service down by "The Point" - We were pleased with the turn-out (about 40 people) and everything went smoothly. At the last minute, we decided to have it inside the picnic shelter instead of on the trailor/bleachers - a good thing because halfway through the sermon it started to rain!

Someone found this keyboard for us to borrow - I've never played piano outside before, especially connected to a big speaker! There was no pedal, which was a little odd, but overall it went ok.
Aaron started and ended the sermon with history of our nation's founding and in the middle gave the gospel - telling how we can each have freedom from sin and it's eternal punishment.
Jeshua, Joshua, Matthias, and Caleb (there were a couple other boys around too...) - they "chased" Isaac to the house with cap-guns.
Miriam and Hosanna and someone's teddy bear...We went over to the Ortmann's for a picnic on Saturday, but sadly, I don't have any pictures from then, and on the 4th we had a picnic at the Krahn's -
One of the nice things about getting together in the summer is there's more room! This is Rebekah and David, and Joanna (Rebekah's sister) admiring the new puppies.
Elizabeth and Grandma looking at Aaron and I's scrapbook -
Abby, Benjamin, and Uncle Bruce playing Baulderdash in the evening -
Abby, Rachel, and Priscilla (and a few others...) playing Rook -
Then later in the evening we all caravaned down to the lakefront (about dusk - 10:15) and watched fireworks - Actually, Aaron and I watched the fireworks together last year - only a lot has changed since then...this time we held hands :)


Last week I made some rhubarb jam - it was my first time really canning without Mom there to answer questions - I think I only called home once....It went really well (it should have considering all the jam Aaron and I made last summer! - he helped me with putting the jam in jars) and looks nice in our pantry.
The rhubarb cooking down -
What else is new? We just started a Bible study Wednesday evenings on a little book called the "Treasure Principle"...Aaron read it and enjoyed it so much he had me read it and now we're going through it at church. It basically says that giving isn't a drudgery, it's smart b/c it's storing up treasures in heaven where they'll last forever.
One last thing - it was Aaron's 31st birthday yesterday! We were in Grand Forks, so I brought his gift along (even though I ordered it with his money...) and we went out for supper.
So Happy Birthday to the best husband in the whole world ! :)