Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011

Hello! Hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did - I know this is late, but I got to it as fast as I could....
The first part of December was busy with sending out cards, shopping, and the church cantata and other church events.
Here is Esther in her Christmas dress and shawl sitting in her favorite spot in the house - her rocking chair :) She wouldn't keep the hat or shawl on, but at least we have a picture with them.
Aaron, Esther, and I, had our own "family Christsmas" on Christmas morning before church. Accompanied by hot chocolate and donuts - something Aaron did growing up.

I don't really consider a yard rake or car mats very exciting presents, but that's what Aaron said he wanted....

We spent Christmas Eve (went to a beautiful candlelight service) and Christmas day with Aaron's family, but I forgot to take any pictures.
We were blessed to see almost all of our family over the holidays...This is some of my mom's family that we were able to celebrate with.
Some of my dad's family -
More of my dad's family -

Then after all of that - we still had Christmas left to do with my parents and siblings - I liked this picture of Silas, Jeriah, and Isaac.
He's so cute!
No, she is not dancing! What she is doing I don't know...
Esther really enjoyed being at my parents - so many people to give her attention! Though, but the time we went home, she was ready!
Esther "helping" me open a gift.
One of her own - the wrapping paper is still beyond her, but the gift bags were just right :)
Esther and her cousins checking out her new Bible story books.
Aaron recording the event :)
Esther wearing her dad's hat :)
Thankfully, the Lord blessed our travels and the driving went well. We got back on the 6th, then the 8th was our second anniversary!
A lot has happened in two years! But they've been wonderful, and we're looking forward to many more :)
We toured the hospital last month, then today I went shopping and stocked up on some easy meals to prepare...The baby is due the 13th of February, so it could be any day, or it could be six weeks - keep us in your prayers!