Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding Pictures 2

We had a program after the reception - more of a light-hearted time after the seriousness of the ceremony. Neither of us knew all of what was planned and we really enjoyed it, in spite of some embarrasing moments...This is Aaron and I during a prayer.
Rachel was one of my personal attendants (she did a great job - and it was special to have her with me...she was trying to tell me that married life was wonderful...and she was right :) ) and here she's adjusting my crown a few minutes before the wedding. In case you hadn't noticed - these pictures are out of order.
13 girls - cousins, church and piano friends - were waitresses. Aunt Linda sewed matching black aprons for them and Mrs. Harris machine embroidered the names on them. The girls did a great job!
Another "almost kiss" :)
Throwing the boquet - I never was very good at throwing....
The bride and her three bridemaids from another wedding in '08! Sara, Jennie, Jennie, and Lexi
Before the wedding, I was researching why and how to cut the cake. It's to symbolize the couples willingness to care for each other. Long, long ago the groom would smash the cake over the brides head to show his authority over her...I agree that Aaron has the authority, but I still am glad we don't go with that tradition! There's also a superstition that it's bad luck to leave the wedding without tasting the cake! - and that if you sleep with a piece of it under your pillow you'll dream about your future mate. I suggested that to my siblings, but we agreed that we don't believe in such things. It's white to match the bride's dress. Yes, we did save the top tier and I guess how they ended up eating that for the 1st anniversary, was they used to eat it at the christianing of the first child.
We only did get one bite of the cake!
Aaron's brother, Nathan - it got down to about -20 degrees F that night.
Mathias and JoAnna were very cute as the ring bearer and flower girl and didn't seem nervous at all :) Instead of flower petals, JoAnna dropped snowlike glitter.
Hosanna - I had Miriam as my maid-of-honor because she's the oldest, but then, Hosanna gets to be at Miriam's wedding - or something like that.
Aunt Ellen was in charge of flowers - here she's giving Grandpa his corsage.
Daniel and Hannah figuring out the lighting for picture-taking!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Few Wedding Pictures...

I know it's been forever since our wedding, and you've probably seen a lot of pictures already, but I finally got around to going through some of the ones I have and thought you'd still enjoy them - I hope so anyway, because you'll likely be seeing wedding pictures on here for the next year or two!

Sara was one of my personal attendants and fixed my hair for the day - she did a great job!
Josh, Amos, Dad, and Grandpa - waiting for things to happen -
Rebekah played flute for the prelude - I didn't get to hear most of it because I was trapped in a back room...but what I did hear was beautiful and that's what everyone else said as well.
Jordan played piano for Rebekah, which was also very lovely - Thanks Jordan!
Aaron putting the ring on my finger :)
We didn't have an official receiving line, but we stood in the back afterwards and greeted people - this is me hugging my Grandma.
Greeting more church people - our parents stood with us as well.
Alexis and Ashley were two of th 13 waitresses - they were in charge of a table in the front of the church with sandwhiches and pinwheels on it...
Aunt Linda cutting cake - there was a lot of cake left! We only got one bite, but apparently my family ate leftover cake almost the whole week we were gone on the honeymoon.
I did grab a quick snack :)
Miriam was a witness, Aaron and I didn't have to sign the certificate, but our best man and maid of honor did.
Aaron and our flower girl, JoAnna
Aaron and I getting ready to leave the church - and saying lots of goodbyes...we didn't do too bad, the wedding was at 6 and we left somewhere around 10.
I'm putting this picture on to annoy my brothers and sisters :) Hopefully you're computer blockers won't stop our blog because of it...

Oh, and Julie took most of these pictures and a few of them were taken by Mrs. Enns.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen Makeover

Hello! If married life always goes as fast as it's going now, we'll be having our 25th anniversary in just a few months! :) We thought some of you might like to see some pictures our our kitchen. It's actually the church's kitchen downstairs (we have an apartment upstairs) but we made a deal with them where we get the kitchen most of the time (they don't have potlucks every week!) and the plan is to put in a serving area and sink for them.

Anyway, above is basically the north and west walls of the kitchen from before.
On the east wall was a closet...
... and this is the south wall - notice the funny lines in the drywall from a door that used to be there.
Aaron started this project after Christmas and got a lot of it done before the wedding. He took off all of the sheet-rock on the wall and started over.
He boxed in the duct work (a big job!), hung new sheet-rocked, mudded it, sanded it, and painted it. Then we put the sink and dishwasher back in place.
I came over one day to "help out" - we did some dusting/cleaning, took off the wallpaper border, and did some sanding.
Priscilla came along too (I think my family is glad to have a break from chaperoning :) ) - she's wiping down the door we put on the closet/pantry.
While we were gone on our honeymoon, some of the church people put in a new floor, then when we got home, we spent basically the first week finishing the project up and organizing all our our wedding presents in the right places!
Here Aaron is putting new shelves in the pantry. They're very sturdy and it's big enough to hold all our food.
Almost the end! Aaron says there's still a few little things that need to be done, but it's very nice and I'm loving having "my own" kitchen! In addition to the other things I mentioned, we (ok, Aaron) painted, moved in a different fridge, put in a new light over the sink and did more rearranging and cleaning (well I did help with that!).
You might get to see it someday because we're planning on having lots of company - theoretically :)