Monday, October 31, 2011

Esther's First Birthday

This post is going to be mostly about Esther. She had her first birthday on the 25th! These first few pictures are from a little before that -this is an outfit that she got for her shower that I thought she'd never be big enough to wear! I really didn't think it would fit until I actually put it on her...
In "Daddy's" office at church - over the last 3 weeks or so, she's learned to walk :) It started with a step here or there that we weren't quite sure if we were really seeing what we thought we were, than she'd take 5 steps, fall, 5 steps fall..., now, she can make it all the way down the hall!
All "dressed up" for winter :)
We ended up going to MN for one day - but it was a good day. We had a good visit with my family and finished up some things and Esther got a birthday present...
We had to help her open them up, but she enjoyed the experience :)
We were able to get our winter squash while we were in MN - This acorn squash must have crossed with something!
The fall colors down here are very pretty - we had a couple of pictures taken in front of a red tree - the sun was pretty bright though.
Esther on her first birthday!
I made some cupcakes. Esther was "helping" and got into the dough and the frosting...
We gave her the whole thing and she grabbed the whole thing, tried to put a handful of frosting in her mouth, then tried to cram the whole thing in her mouth...we would have taken more pictures, only I dropped the camera. We also let her have a little ice cream, but we did not let her eat the whole cupcake :)
Cards from family and friends in MN-
On Wednesday night after church, they had a little birthday party for Esther and one of the deacons. It was a lot of fun! Esther is one blessed girl!
People were so sweet and brought her presents :) She seemed pretty interested in watching as we opened them and even did a little clapping...
That's for me?!
Our family -
The end of the party -

Friday, October 7, 2011

Virtual Tour

Hello from Dunkin' Donuts! We've decided to save time and money and just use the internet uptown...

And welcome to our home! This is the living room where you would come in the front door - we normally use the side door ourselves. Those aren't actually our tools - a "handyman" from the man we're renting from came and fixed a few little things around the house. We also had it sprayed for insects this week .

You can tell a baby lives here! We haven't done a lot of decorating, partly because we haven't unpacked everything, and partly because with a baby around, the less stuff the better!

This is the kitchen. Aaron's parents are letting us borrow a fridge and microwave stand. The wallpaper is sort of pastel pinks and blues, so it's a blessing that I have a lot of blue towels anyway!

The other side of the kitchen -

The table (the "window" opens into the Living Room) and Esther's favorite shelf -

The kitchen leads to the laundry room/mudroom and the side door. I'm really enjoying having the laundry area close to the kitchen and the rest of the house!

The other side of the laundry room - it was fun stacking those shelves. At least we know we'll have plenty of jam, salsa, and pickles to eat :)

Down from the Living room/Kitchen is a hall leading to the bedrooms (3), closets, and bathroom.

Esther's room -

The bathroom -

Another picture of Esther's room - I didn't take any of our room or of the office/storage room...So anyway, we're enjoying it and we look forward to seeing you here in person!

Here's a recent picture of Esther - She's been sleeping through the night (wonderful!), and she has 5, going on 6 teeth. She can't walk yet, but I think she could if she tried :) In spite of the fact that her schedule is rather crazy here, she's doing well and is out growing her clothes.
She also has started enjoying looking at books (instead of eating them!) and likes to have us read them to her - over and over and over! Another one of her "new" things is playing with cell phones. It's the only "toy" that she really fusses when we take away from her...
Last Sunday she was playing with my Bible (don't worry, I was watching to make sure she was careful) and I thought it would make a cute picture.
Aaron pruned the trees in our yard. He's also started more of a regular work schedule now and goes to the office to study and has started to make more visits.
Aaron's been talking about buying a trimmer since before we were married and he finally had a good reason too! (the reason being we have a yard to trim....) We took a picture to commemorate this exciting event :)

As for the new baby, we have an appointment scheduled for next week and we've decided on our top boy/girl name and some backups.

I'm enjoying being home more - maybe I'll actually be a better homemaker if I'm home! The church people have been very good to us and we're keeping busy - Hope you all are having a great fall!