Friday, March 23, 2012

One Month

It's only been one month since Anna was born, but it seems like she's always been part of our family. She's wearing a newborn outfit in this picture that she's already outgrown!
Another picture of Anna - I think I took these when she was about a week old.
Just when I was getting good at doing things with one arm! I think the girls have it figured out how to keep me busy going from one back to the other :)
Sunday night is not the greatest time for us to take a family picture, as we're all tired, but this is us! Now we look like a real family and not newlyweds :)
I didn't mean to put this picture and the next on here, but since they are, I'll tell about them. Aaron had to be gone for a week, and so some of my family gracaiously came down to help out - it was so much fun to have them here, at least for me - they did all the work of running the house! We had a nice visit with some of the G. family and we also did some shopping in the area. This leather chess set was at a store featuring all kinds of things made by local "artists".
- as was this wooden bowl.
Daddy and his two girls! He's so good with them and He can get Anna to smile for him :)
I know this looks uncomfortable, but Anna's favorite position is her head back. When I try to hold her to my shoulder, she always trys to throw her head back and look around.
I've tried a couple times to get a good picture of the girls together, but it hasn't worked very well yet - when I do, I'll post it :)
Aaron always told me that spring in TN is beautiful and he's right! The dogwood trees are all in bloom these days and the other trees are getting leaves and it's been in the 70s and some 80s. Aaron has already planted about half the garden! I'll post pictures of that later....
The church people had a nice shower for Anna after church on Sunday night. She got a lot of cute outfits, but it's a good thing because it seems like I have to change her a couple times every day for one reason or another :) The people from church also brought us meals that first week and have been very good to us.
Someone gave Esther this little "lawnmower" their grandkids had outgrown. If you push the button it drives! She really enjoys it, but still needs Dad's help to keep it going.
Anna is just starting to get her days and nights right. She doesn't sleep for more than 4 hours at a time, but I don't mind her waking up during the night for a few minutes - when it was a few hours, I needed a nap during the day!
Anna in her "I Love Daddy" sleeper handed down from Esther. She really likes to be held!
I took this picture just today - One month old! The girls are starting to fuss though, so I better hurry and say good bye!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Anna

As you probably all saw on my mom's blog, on February 23, 2012 our family was joined by Anna Elizabeth! We were and are very happy :) - she's a good baby, looks a lot like Esther did, eats well, sleeps fairly well, and is a blessing from the Lord!

She weighed 7 lb. 2 oz and was 21 inches long. She was born at 5:39 PM.
She likes to be with Mommy and Daddy! Esther wasn't too sure when I was holding Anna and wouldn't pick her up...but she's already getting used to it and makes sure we know if "baby" is crying :)

It's hard to believe it's been over a week already! I went into labor in the middle of the night, about 1:30 and since I was already part way along, I thought it would go quickly - however, she wasn't born until that evening! Much more painful than with Esther, but at least this time I'm not as worrried about taking care of a baby - with Esther I was sort of in a daze for a couple weeks just trying to figure out if my life had just ended or not :)
I'll try to post more picture later -