Saturday, July 5, 2014

Special Summer Days

 Strawberry Rhubarb coffee cake - I've never done a lot with rhubarb, but some friends gave us a bunch of plants, so I hope to learn some really wonderful things to do with it :) After all, it grows around here, is easy to care for, is plentiful, and easy to harvest - what more could I ask from a fruit?
 This sweet little boy fell asleep in his high chair.
 His little fingers and toes :)
 Mom posted pictures of the G. family picnic/reunion, so I'll just mention it - We also got together with some of the extended O. family on the 4th...I really enjoyed catching up with relatives I hadn't seen in years - as well as though I see a lot. There's nothing that can take the place of family!
 Two pelicans down by the lake -
 It's higher this year than normal, as you can see the docks are almost under water!
 6 months old on June 26th! Aaron Joseph enjoys playing in his bouncer now...except for when he knows I'm just putting him in there b/c I'm busy making supper :)
 He also likes to be bounced on Daddy's knee -
 The girls were excited to go see their new baby cousin - Jubilee Amanda - born July 3rd - so tiny and pretty :)
 Aaron spoke at a service the morning of the 4th..
 Aaron and I :)
 The cousins waiting for the parade to start -
 People lined along the street to watch the parade -
 Aaron helping the girls put candy in their bags - Esther remembered this special event from last year!
 This was one of my favorite floats - two baby fawns!
 Of course, our very favorite float was the corn maze one :)
 Anna with her "corn maze" shirt -

 I put an extra shirt on the girls (didn't think I'd need hoodies...) and Esther was still cold - it rained before and after the parade, but was fine during it.
More cousins and friends -

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