Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spring Update 4 (Easter and Move)

 Easter Sunday was our last in TN -
 Several of Aaron's family members came to church and then we went to the beautiful Montgomery Bell State Park for lunch.
 Anna with her sweet smile :)
 Aaron, Rebecca, Daniel
 This Easter bunny was walking around - thanks to the cow from the maze, the girls weren't scared!
 Anna holding Aaron Joseph - she loves him, but I have to watch her so she doesn't try to carry him!
 All of us - plus a doll...
 I have no pictures of packing and loading the truck - it seems like no matter how organized I try to be there's always a lot of last minute things to do and so it was a very busy few days! Dad and Miriam, after dropping of Hosanna, were able to come help us. We were so glad for them! This is at a break somewhere along the way to MN.
 We had beautiful weather until we got to northern MN - then it started to snow, but thankfully everything went really, really well!
 It was in the 80s the day before we left TN...
 Mom invited a few people over for my birthday - I was 27 on April 27th.
 4 months old!
 We spent a couple weeks at my parents, then a couple weeks at my grandparents, then moved into Isaac's mobile home for the summer. This is in the living room - before we unpacked.
 Dad gave the girls a ride on the tractor - they didn't really seem to want to go, but when Daniel ran ahead to climb in, they followed right along.

 Aaron Joseph goes back and forth between his thumb, finger, fingers, or any combination, but he's been choosing his middle two fingers more and more :)
I was able to make cakes for Ronnie and Caleb's graduation.

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