Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spring Update 6 (VBS)

 I believe this is May 26 - 5 months old!
 That beautiful smile :)
 Looking at books with Daddy...
 We were able to go to a bunch of VBS at my parent's church - Aaron even taught a few lessons.
 Since the girls are a little young to spend all day - we normally stayed just in the morning. Sometimes Anna even played outside during sessions or we hung out and visited in the basement...but we sure enjoyed the week :) I thought it was one of the best years ever! - or maybe that's just b/c I haven't gone in a while...
 Miriam at the back table -
 Anna helping Miriam at the back table :)
 Esther was able to say some of the verses -
 Hannah at the back table -
 Esther is under the table - she thinks she's such a big kid!
Esther hanging out with Priscilla :)

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