Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spring Update 5 (Trip to KY)

 Aaron's grandmother passed away at the end of May - They had her funeral in Kentucky where her first husband was buried and so we made a trip down there. We stayed with a couple different friends on the way down - at one of the homes, Anna found this chef hat :)
 The girls and Aaron during one of the stops -
All Aaron's siblings - Rebecca, Nathan, Angela, Aaron, Scott, Joshua, Christopher - Even though Grandma was not from KY, almost all of the family came - from 6 different states. Aaron and other relatives did the whole service.
 Esther, Leah, and Anna at the graveside -
 A quick family picture taken at the hotel after the funeral -
 KY is so pretty!
 It "just happened" to be the weekend of the family reunion Grandma loved so much and so most people were able to stay an extra day and enjoy being together. The county has a very active historical society - they find old log cabins, take them apart and reassemble them at this historical village. We took a little tour of it before the picnic.
 This is an old jail cell that was used not that many years ago :)
 Some of the children in an old one room schoolhouse -
 There's an old family cemetery up a mountain and Aaron went to see it and took some pictures.
 A lot of the railroad tracks in the area have been taken apart because of less coal mining, and they made this old railroad bed into a walking/bike trail. There's a tunnel that goes through "Fletcher" mountain and some of us walked over to see it.
 I'm not good with distances, but it was probably a couple hundred yards long and probably 15 degrees cooler inside than outside.
 A monument to the first known Fletcher in the county -
 They grilled outside the hotel that evening - I've been to a couple of these reunions, but enjoyed this one the most because I met some relatives I didn't know and visited with more people...This is Aaron's mom with baby Aaron and the other man has Daniel, the cousin that's 3 weeks older.
 Esther and Anna like to ride on the carts as Aaron loads the van.
Hosanna with the children - We were able to stop and see her for a few hours on our way back - It was great to see here again!

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