Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Update 1 - July

 I hope you all like pictures of Aaron Joseph because these posts are going to have a lot of them. This summer has been rather chaotic - it seems like we've been gone almost more than we've been home - which home we moved into during June and are about to move out of...but we've had some pretty fun times too :)

Above is Aaron and the girls with the E. family chickens - we house sat for them a little this summer and the girls still talk about their pig - and other animals...
 Aaron milked their goats by hand - and since there was more milk and eggs around than we could keep up with, I experimented with custards and puddings.
 The cutest Aarons in the world!

 We were blessed with plenty of garden vegetables and out of everything, the girls enjoyed helping with the peas the most. I was impressed that they could actually shell them.
 Six S. cousins in one picture. Nathan and Cassie and their children moved up here in July and all the kids have had a pretty good time together - as well as the adults of course...
 I know this is another partly pink blanket - he really does have plenty of boy ones, but this was what happened to be around at the moment.
 First thing in the morning -
 Esther wanted to get in on the pictures -

 Gardening is certainly not my favorite hobby (though maybe if I hang around Aaron long enough it will be...) but since I'm involved in the general health of my family and the food budget, I've come to really love the fresh garden produce! (Just for the record - the celery did not come from our garden!)
 Esther coloring -
 The above vegetables being turned into lunch :)
 I'm not sure how Aaron got a hold of his dad's hat - but he put it on all by himself -

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The K. Family said...

I can never get enough of seeing pics of the grandkids! So adorable!! Thanks for posting them!