Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall 2013 - The Hermitage

 We got to go with some of Aaron's family to the Hermitage, (home of Andrew Jackson) which is near Nashville - it was really interesting and we could have spent all day there and still not have learned everything there was to learn!
 It was a very warm day and we spent a bunch of the time outside -
 We went on a wagon tour of some of the grounds - the driver/guide really knew his history!
 Aunt Becky with Esther and Anna looking at the horses - they kept wanting to go back and see them. I guess they are a breed of horse that would have existed back then and were very big!
Aaron in front of the home - we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the house, but I'm fairly certain that the Hermitage scene in the Davy Crockett movie was filmed on location.
 A couple of the "guides". I think that would be such a fun job!
 Waiting for our tour to start -
 Aaron and Anna - we all had headsets and around the grounds were numbers to key in and listen about that particular place.
 Aaron and the girls by a very big tree -
 Me by the back of the house -
 They had an acre flower garden done by a British designer - it was sort of a maze style.
Andrew Jackson's grave -

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