Friday, December 20, 2013

Early December

 We went to a pastor and families Christmas get-together. I'm not really sure how to crop pictures with our computer, but this one turned out pretty well except for Esther's expression...
 We got to go see the girls brand-new cousin :) Now they want to name our coming baby Daniel, but don't worry - we won't!
 I like holding newborns too!
 We had a bit of an ice storm the second weekend of December - we didn't loose power, but some people near us did.
 Speaking of new babies, we've been slowly preparing for whenever he or she gets here - we needed a new car seat, so the girls were excited to help Aaron get it all ready to go to the van.
 They were also excited to help decorate the tree...eventually, we had to let them sit on the couch while we did the breakable balls.
 We used our purple balls instead of the red this year just for something different and I like how it turned out - at least we're enjoying it :)
 I didn't do a lot of decorating b/c I don't want to have a lot to take down this year, but we put up our favorite things - the girls love watching the fiber optic angel and looking in the "piano shop".
 Hanging out under the communion table after Wednesday night church -
 Last Sunday was the children's program - Aaron was the narrator -
 The girls did the angel parts - Esther didn't say anything, but she sang the songs with everyone and did a great job :)
 I normally forget to take pictures at church, but Aaron's parents came that Sunday and so Grandma S. got a bunch of cute ones with our camera....
 The girls loved the manger:)

 Esther and Anna -
 Esther and Anna with Grandma -
 Esther -
 Posing by kissing Mommy on the cheek :)
 Anna would kiss me too, but not slow enough to be caught on camera -
 Anna -
 All (5) of us!

 We're also not using our old bassinet this time, but the girls have been having a blast using it for a "boat" and taking turns laying in it and putting other stuff on top!
We had a choir get-together tonight, and I made an old favorite, veggie pizza - which I actually don't know if I've made since I've been married, and tried two new recipes - Lime bars and Napolean (sp?) Cremes (with pistachio pudding) - I thought the greens would look Christmasy....

Have a Merry Christmas!

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The K. Family said...

I LOVE all the pictures and thank you so much for posting them! Love you all lots!