Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall 2013 - Esther's Birthday

 Esther had her 3rd birthday in October - it's so hard to believe it's been that long since she was our little baby! We let her open her gifts before Aaron left for work - this card was from a church member and played music :)
 We got her "Patch the Pirate" CDs for her birthday early, but since she probably doesn't understand that, we got her a couple little things to open - she was fascinated with the flashing/glowing rings at the maze, so we thought that would be a good idea...

 Plastic bracelets -
 A new doll and nightgowns from Grandma K.
 and coloring books and colors -
 When Aaron got home, we had "cake" - since we knew we were going to have cake the next day, I just made up a muffin mix I had on hand and we put whipped cream on them. That was over a month ago and then this week someone gave us some muffins - Esther wanted to "light them up" too...
 Esther and her new doll in their new matching nightgowns. The doll's box says her name is Brianna, but somehow it got translated to Diana and so she remains!

 This picture is dark, but I thought it was cute :) We went up for a baby shower for Aaron's sister, and then stopped by the grandparents and had a little party for Esther.
Candles to blow out!
Esther got this cute pink camping chair, a dress for next summer, and some books.

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