Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall 2013 - Fun at Home

 This machine is an old corn sheller (I think that's right) that we used for shelling walnuts - it was pretty fun to watch!
 Anna and Esther will quite often want to write while I wash dishes - they like pens the best and I let them use them as long as they keep to writing on paper :)
Sadly, during church, coloring suddenly seems to loose it's fascination - or any other time I need them to be quiet :) But then, it's almost always a good thing when something occupies them!

 We occasionally see turkeys out our windows - these were out about 7:30 in the morning not long ago, right behind the house.  On rare occasion we'll get to see one with it's feathers puffed up.
 Silas got to spend a whole week with us and Aaron put him to work here cleaning the rain gutters.
 These next pictures were taken over Thanksgiving weekend - the girls had so much fun playing with Daddy in the leaves!

 It really wasn't that cold out, so the coats and hats came off eventually -
 No leaf piles without work! Aaron later made an even bigger one in the backyard -

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