Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Winter 2015

 We held our very first church service in our new home on the first Sunday in January and the second Sunday the kids got a new cousin :)  Aaron Joseph likes baby Lily a lot!
 I keep meaning to pack this toy away because it's so noisy, but Aaron Joseph loves it!
 The last Sunday in January we held a dedication service for the new church and had a potluck - we were very happy with how the Lord blessed the day.
 OK, this may not seem too exciting to you, but after over 3 months of taking showers other places, we were pretty excited and grateful to have a shower installed and running :)
 The same day we got the shower going, a big truck came to deliver the chairs for the church!
 The black chairs really seem to help the red carpet not feel so red :) The fun thing about setting up a home and church is it seems like there's something new all the time...
 Since the downstairs was designed to be a fellowship hall, it does work well for parties :) We had a baby shower for Cassie and Lily.
 The church that was here before paid for us to reletter the church sign.
 Not far from us is a community center with a sledding hill and ice rink - we took the girls a couple times (the picture is of Aaron though!)
 My parents got a new dining room table and let me use the china cabinet that came with it - it was so much fun to finally put out a lot of the things I've had packed away since I was a teenager :)
 Anna's 3rd birthday! I'd told the girls that we would have a tea party that day and when they woke up that morning, they wanted it right away, so we had a tea party for breakfast :)
 Anna opening a gift -
 It's so fun watching the girls play with each other! Since it was breakfast, we had toast with cream cheese and jam and muffins instead of cookies :)
 My sisters at Alyssa's bridal shower...
We held a Good Friday service, an Easter service and Easter breakfast, then an open house all within a couple weeks - I try to always take a picture of the food so I'll remember the next year what I served last year, but this picture doesn't' quite show everything. In case you're curious, the menu was: turkey and ham sandwiches, spinach dip with bread, chips and salsa, deviled eggs, vegetables with ranch dip, pickles and olives, pasta salad, cheesy coleslaw, pink fluff salad, assorted bars, punch, coffee, water

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