Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer 2015

 Hello! Once again, I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted...The girls got to go to two VBSs this year - Here's Anna making a craft at my parent's church.
 Esther during craft time -
 Lunch time! It's funny to see the difference in the two girls - Esther loves making friends, but Anna told me she likes to play with her cousins, but not other children :)
 The pirates! Anna was running around the other day saying " I'm Captain Blackwhiskers!"
 Anna and Esther during program practice ;)
 Lots of kids!
 Esther was so excited to get a water balloon to throw :)

 One of the big things this summer has been Aaron taking over a lawn-mowing business. It's definitely keeping him busy :) We try to go once and a while to have a picnic lunch with him and this is up by Rocky Point.

 We met him once at the park in town - Aaron Joseph was really enjoying the swing....
 He also was pretty excited about the water - I don't think he understands the difference between a lake and a bathtub.

Aaron Joseph has been saying a few words, running, and he's figured out how to walk to the garden and pick pea pods off the vines all by himself :) Also, he gives big, slobbery kisses to his Mommy and hugs to his sisters!
 Esther and Anna
 This is at our Vacation Bible School - I kept too busy to take a lot of pictures, but everything went smoothly.
 Anna at snack time -
 4th of July! Miriam helped watch the kids playing in the hayshed -
 Esther and Kaleigh -
 Libby holding Anna -
 Dad was getting the tractor ready for the parade and Aaron and the baby hopped on -
 All the little girls eating at the little picnic table :)
 Aaron helped make sure no one got run over! I think collecting candy at the parade is one of the highlights of the whole year for the girls!
Ice cream cones back at Grandma's :)

Otherwise, make sure you keep scrolling down to see the spring and winter updates.

Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, we're expecting baby number four :) October 30th is the due date -

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