Friday, March 6, 2015

Christmas 2

 More of Christmas morning at home - everyone was very willing to help Daddy open his presents...
 Anna and Esther
 Mommy helping Aaron Joseph -
 Such a sweet smile :)
 We stopped by all the grandparents that evening - this is a favorite nutcracker at Gm. O.
 In the midst of the Christmas pictures we have Aaron's 1st birthday!

 It was almost nap time, so he just kind of stared at the cake and candle...

 Yum, yum!
 Esther and Anna and Landon at the R. house -
 Sorry this picture is sideways...we're all so glad to have Hosanna back again!
 Aaron Joseph was fascinated with the floating tissue paper :)
 Esther was quite entertained watching the "big kids" play games...
 We made gingerbread houses (really graham cracker and peanut butter houses) for some of the cousins :)
 Grandchildren getting ready for a Christmas brunch at my parents -
 Anna excited about her own little broom :)
 Esther taking a quiet moment to look at some new books -
 The boys with their houses!
 Getting ready for the K. family white elephant exchange -
Esther, Esther, Ellie, and Kaleigh, with David behind them.

Last year we didn't come up for Christmas and we missed most of the S. get-together because of Aaron Joseph being born, so we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the family this year. OK, so now we're only 2 months behind on the blog...

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