Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spring 2015

 Aaron Joseph was pretty excited about the slide when we first got it out this spring :)
 Trying on Daddy's hat :)
 Esther had to get a filling at the dentist :( She didn't want to cooperate for the check-up, but when it came to the actual filling, she did really well!
 Sitting on a rock enjoying the sun :)
 Four people helped make the cakes for Matt and Alyssa's wedding! Miriam spent one day helping me, and Hosanna spent a day helping me -
 We make five sheet cakes in addition to the big cake -
 - then Alyssa's florist put the flower and topper on.
Cutting the cake!
 Aaron was using the vacuum and Aaron Joseph made a straight line for the bedroom to get his "vacuum" :)
 We drove down to central MN for a meeting and the retirement of Bob and Faye, some friends of ours that we've worked with a lot.
 I made this cake too, and didn't realize till later that I got the verse on it wrong!
 I love this picture! Lilacs are my favorite flowers and there's a big hedge of them in our yard :)
 Us "grown-ups" were having a meeting and so the kids were playing around...
 Nathan and Aaron -
 Aaron and Nathan - there's so much paper work and official type stuff involved with starting a church :)
We wanted to get a picture of us in front of the lilacs, but I think it was a little too sunny.

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