Wednesday, February 24, 2016


 In August, Aaron was able to take a trip to visit his brother in Alaska -
 Aaron in front of some of the beautiful mountains. He took a lot of pictures, and the scenery is so different from here that every one seems amazing to me :)
 Aaron's parents went on a trip to Alaska as well and they overlapped with part of Aaron's visit.
 This is a glacier  -
 They went on a boat ride to look at some of the glaciers around a lake.

 Fish in the water - I believe some of them were salmon.
 This was at a wildlife refuge - we watched a documentary on grizzly bears last year and the girls were afraid for Aaron to go camping in Alaska. They thought maybe he and Josh should put up a tent in the living room instead :)
 More animals at the wildlife refuge -
 More mountains -
 and lakes -
 and rivers -
 Elijah and Josh at Elijah's birthday party - He turned 3!

 Aaron, Dad, and Josh after church on Sunday -
 Big bugs!
 A chocolate fountain at a store -
 Aaron by a mounted bear -

 I like the scenery pictures with Aaron better than the ones without :)
 Aaron and Josh went on a couple short camping/hiking trips - here they walked out on a glacier -

 I'm not sure how safe that is....
 Josh -
 Even though it was still August, some of the leaves were starting to change colors!

 They visited the port town of Valdez.
 A mounted moose at a museum -
 I love all the waterfall pictures too!
 The Alaskan oil pipeline -
 They hiked up by this waterfall -

See the parking lot down below? This was near Anchorage -