Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011

Mmmm, do you think I should change the name of our blog to something about Esther? I won't do that, she helps us serve the Lord too (in fact, she's head of our children's deparment :) ) but I'm noticing that she is sort of dominating the blog...This is her in a snow suit - we've been taking her out to get the mail with us once and a while.
She's outgrowing clothes by the week, and she recently discovered how to roll over and is making full use of her new mobility.

Esther's swing from Grandma S. - She likes it for a while, but then she gets tired of being all strapped in!
I sat next to her in the van for a while because she doesn't really like being strapped in the car seat either! Managed to catch a smile :)


Jordan said...

Oh! Thanks for the Birthday card Naomi! :)

The K. Family said...

We NEVER get tired of seeing Esther pictures! And yes, I think she will serve the Lord right along with you and will open many doors for you!

Jewel said...

Hey!!! You really have the cutest little girl EVER!!!! I love seeing all the pictuers of Easter! I hope to see you!

Love and miss you all!!