Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We've been talking about going down to visit Aaron's brother and sister-in-law in Missouri for a while, and had a free week so we left after church on Sunday and made it back Saturday afternoon. We also spent a couple nights with my cousins in South Dakota and it was fun to catch up with them too - unfortunetly, I forgot to take pictures while we were there...
Josh and Danialah took us to a BBQ restraunt in Kansas City - it was a cultural experience :)
Esther all dressed up :)
It was like 70 degrees one of the days we were there! Aaron and his brother spent time cutting wood and working in the garden and working on a car - guy things - and us girls just kind of hung out.
Also, when we were in the city, we walked around down town (there were a couple men giving carriage rides...) and went in a giant bookstore.

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Daniel and Rachel said...

Looks like it was a fun trip!!! :) I couldn't believe how cheerful Esther was after so many hours of being in her carseat!!! And I forgot to take any pictures while you were here too...... :( It was GREAT to see you all again!!!!