Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We had an absolutely beautiful day this week - Aaron went out and worked on getting the tiller and mower all in shape for summer and we greatly enjoyed having a warm day after four or five months of cold!
Our garden is a little wet right now...Aaron did some ditching, but it's going to take a some time before it's ready to plant :)
If you look really close, you can see that our chives are just starting to come up -
We just cleaned up and put together this Saucer thing for Esther. She's enjoying it and I'm enjoying having a place to put her if I have to do something with both hands.
Esther Joy!


Daniel and Rachel said...

Aww, her middle name suits her SOOOO well!!! :)

The K. Family said...

Love the picture of Esther!! I figured Aaron must be in that garden of his ditching! I can't wait either!

Jewel said...

Esther is getting so big and cute! It is nice to see that spring is finaly coming to Warroad!!! Can't wait to see you this summer!!!!