Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fall 2016

 Last fall we went to Steinbach to the Heritage village - this display in the museum was one of the girl's favorites.
 The pioneer woman -
 Esther and Anna watching a lady make butter -
 This was the girls favorite house - when we got home, they noticed that we live underground too!
 The monument to the Heppner uncle...
 Anna at the petting zoo -
 Esther the bunny with the bunny :)
 Aaron Joseph -
 We went on a wagon ride -
 Me on the windmill "deck" -
 Everyone in the "public" school -
 Another picture of the sod house -
 Aaron and Anna in one of the churches -
 Aaron Joseph hanging out in a window sill in the church -
 We went over and saw the piece of the Berlin Wall -

 The kids at the corn maze -
 We spent a lot of time last fall hanging out at the "corn box" -
 Aaron filled in giving hay rides one afternoon -
 Julia in her stroller :)
 The girls doing the obstacle course -
 In the corn -
 We had a family picnic at the maze one day - it was so fun to see all the little girls :)
 Aaron and the kids camped out in the yard one night!

 Another picture on the bale mountain -
 Aaron and Aaron Joseph checking out the equipment -
 Going on a hayride -
 Esther and Melita taking part in a water balloon toss -
 We put an outdoor boiler in last fall - and I really mean we - Aaron had me out there "helping" dig the ditch and pour cement :) We've had some quirks to work out over the winter, but we really enjoy keeping the house warmer without burning propane!
 It was one of the last nice days, so we were all enjoying being outside.
 It's so hard to get everyone looking at one time -
 Julia -
 Anna -
 Aaron Joseph -
 Esther -
 We made Columbus boats a.k.a. twice baked potatoes for Columbus Day - the girls enjoyed making the flags.
 Another maze picture -
 This is at a Norwegian Heritage Village - Aaron got to do a wedding for a couple here!
 Esther had a tea party for her birthday - with cousins from both sides :)
 She was embarrassed when we sang "Happy Birthday" :)

 A few days later, Julia had her first birthday -
 She was a baby last summer, but over the fall and winter has learned to walk, eat, say some words, and thinks of herself as one of the big kids!
 Aaron and the kids went fishing with Isaac and had a great time :) They still talk about it -

We've been doing a homeschool co-op at church. This is the girls (and I) doing a report for geography club.

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