Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer 2016 - Post 2

 This picture is from the spring - I wanted a picture of Julia wearing the little boots - she outgrew them almost right away...This is funny to look at because now she is taking steps, getting teeth (3), and wants to be where her siblings are :)
 Esther and Anna - also in the spring -
 The sisters -
 Julia looking like she's reading :)
 Julia -
 Anna, Julia, and Esther on Easter morning -
 Aaron Joseph wearing Daddy's apron :)
 We had to go to a meeting in April, so we decided to make a day of it and visited Itasca State Park - I had been there before, but not the rest of the family - it was pretty cool out though, so we ate our sandwiches as fast as we could and walked around for a few minutes.
 The headwaters of the Mississippi -
 We all really enjoyed our little visit -
 Esther would have gone off exploring if we'd let her -
 Aaron and Aaron crossing the bridge -

 Julia has two smiles - a little smirk, and a whole face smile :)
 Julia and Grandpa
 Aaron and Julia at the park - We met Aaron for a picnic lunch :)
 Whenever they see the camera, the girls want a picture too!
 Julia -
 Esther lost her first tooth! She was pretty excited - and I feel like my baby is growing up...
 We had the S. cousins here over Memorial Day and had a tea party -
 Aaron Joseph started out the summer walking all over the yard on his tricycle - Now he can pedal it for real :)
 Esther and Anna excited about their "new" dresses :)
 All the girl cousins having lunch at my parent's church's VBS -
 One day the girls had a princess tea party :)
 Julia and Samuel playing in the back of the church -
 Esther said 10 extra verses :)
 It was the castle theme this year, one of our favorites!
 Program practice - Anna and Esther are in the middle
 We went to a family reunion in Canada and on the way home, we saw a mother bear and two cubs - we watched them try to climb the telephone pole and the tree for a few minutes. The mom walked around slowly, but the cubs were pretty fast!
 These pictures are at our VBS - on the last day we had a program and family picnic - this is Anna with a snocone -
 Esther climbing around the bouncy house -
 This is not VBS - it's a family picnic and these are the cousins :)
 Aaron's parents came up for VBS and Grandma did the girls nails -
 This year we had a underwater theme -
 The youngest group - Anna is in front
 Aaron teaching a Bible lesson to the middle group - our coat closet is our Bible Study room :)
 Snack time -
 Craft time -
 Eli and Aaron leading "Stop" - one of Aaron Joseph's favorite songs -
 Me doing a review activity with the middle group -
 Sarah helped some with the babies - as well as other things...
 Game time -

 Anna working on a verse -
 Anna said her verse!
 The middle group -
One more picture of Julia in her pigtails :)

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