Thursday, April 20, 2017

Winter 16-17

We were at Grandma's for Thanksgiving - this is the kids coming in from a round of playing outside.
 Aaron with Julia :)
 Aaron and Gideon playing with Lincoln logs -
 Anna, Melita, and Esther -
 The girls and Aaron playing with Julia like a doll!
 Aaron built some bookshelves this winter - we love them!
 We met some of Aaron's family in WI for an early Christmas this year - one afternoon they had a birthday party for all the grandkids that were there -
 A balloon bouncing game -
 Julia :)
 Esther got a little guitar as her birthday gift -
 We visited a cheese-making place while we were there -
 A family picture -
 The children in front of our Christmas tree -
 A family picture at Grandma's house -
 Opening gifts at my parent's -
 I tried to get a picture of everyone before we opened gifts at home, but once again, I couldn't get everyone to look at the same time...
 Julia -
 Julia opening a gift -
 Aaron with some of his new gifts -
 The girls with some gifts the "Grandma in TN" mailed!
 Aaron Joseph helping make his birthday cake -
 3 years old!

 Julia ended up opening her stocking on another day -
 A new sippy cup!

 Aaron Joseph got some tractors Aaron D. had in his things -
 Julia playing with a box at another get-together -
 Hannah brought some beads and string along and the girls absolutely loved it!
 Anna's first tooth she lost -
 Julia and Aaron Joseph having a snack of cheerios under the counter while I did school with the girls-
 Esther and Anna doing some school :)
 Another co-op picture -
The girls doing a geography club report -
 Esther and Verily -
 We had a two year anniversary service at church at the end of January -
 Leah's birthday party -
 Julia and Lily -
 Anna's 5th birthday in GF - We had leftover frosting from Valentine's day for her cake -
 ...And since we didn't have candles with us on the day, we saved part of the cake until we got home and blew out candle's then -
 I don't remember why, but the girls wanted me to take a picture and everyone ended up jumping in it-
 Esther and Anna decorating cookies - they're getting to be pretty good kitchen helpers -
 We thought this was so funny to watch - Aaron's been doing push-ups and Julia got down on the floor and was trying to "work out" too :)
 Aaron took the children out to the woods to see this tree that a woodpecker was having a meal out of-
 The kids on a wood pile -
 Laying down on a frozen river -
 They told me it was a lake-
Julia all ready to go in one of our favorite sweaters - This post had so many pictures, that I decided to put the fall ones in a separate post, so keep scrolling down:)

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