Thursday, February 25, 2016

Julia Ruth

 Aaron Joseph, Anna, and Esther eating grilled cheese and tomato dip at the kitchen table - Aaron Joseph decided he was tired of the high chair and wanted to eat at the table with the big girls :)
 Esther asked me to take a picture of them with their dolls - Aaron Joseph just jumped in.
 Corn maze pictures! This is Esther and Anna on top of the bale mountain with Abby.
 Aaron Joseph was fascinated by the duck races - He also loved the animals and the tractor.
 Esther and Anna and JoAnna in the tower -
 A. Joseph and Anna on the bale mountain - We tried to hang out at the maze at least a little bit every weekend :)
 We put straw on our garden this year and it really helped keep the weeds down. In the trailer is a new kind of squash we planted (or at least, new to us) called Carnival squash. It had a good taste and kept really well - we're still eating it in February!
 The children absolutely loved helping Aaron dig potatoes! They made a regular treasure hunt out of it :)
 We're were pretty excited about how well the potatoes did.
 I loved the fall colors on this tree -
 We were able to make it to Isaac and Aimee's wedding -
 I took a few pictures before because I knew I'd be too busy afterwards - her sister-in-law made the cake and it was really yummy!
 The girls waiting with their aunties and Grandma -
 Isaac and Aimee -
 Esther wanted to give them a hug good-bye before they left.
 Esther turned 5! We had given her all but one little gift early, but she wanted us to put them all in a bag anyway so she could open them :)
 I just brought a cake over to the farm Sunday night and she blew out her candles there.
 We have a few nice oak trees in our yard which make great leaf piles to play in. Esther is in there somewhere too :)
 Aaron's mom gave Esther these decals a while back and we finally had a place and time to put them up - with Miriam's help!
 The first snow  - it was kind of a new experience for Aaron Joseph and he wasn't too excited...
 Julia Ruth meeting her big sister Anna! I had been preparing for an all-day delivery, like A. Joseph, but was only in labor with her for 5 or 6 hours - the time change was that night, so I can never remember - but everything went well and we're very grateful to the Lord for her!
 Esther with Julia-
 She was 8 lb. 5 oz. - our biggest baby by over a pound.
 Right before we left the hospital -
 Cowboy Aaron!
 Aaron has started to enjoy coloring too - and although he knows that he should only color on paper, he is still learning self-control in that area!
 Julia has a really sweet personality and is pretty easy-going.
 Esther is a good big-sister and usually can make Julia happy :)

 I really have to watch Aaron because he loves to grab and poke at Julia -
 Esther with Julia again -
 Anna and Julia again -
 We went over to Grandpa and Grandma's for a Christmas meal and opened gifts.
 The girls latest thing is jewelry - they collect it wherever they can and put it in their treasure box!
The children with Grandpa and Grandma -

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