Friday, March 6, 2015

Christmas I

 This is actually Esther's 4th birthday :) How did our baby get so big?
 Aaron doing an amazing job staining the kitchen cupboards. They turned out really nice, and after having stuff laying around in boxes for a while, I really am enjoying them.
 The children "reading" by the Christmas tree.
 Thanksgiving with the K. family - I brought a S. family favorite - sweet potato casserole :)
 Anna camped out at the table of leftovers and had a second round...
 Aaron Joseph at 11 months old - he started walking well right around then.
 We had a Christmas meal with my K. grandparents - the girls like to climb in the window, just like I did as a child :)
 Grandpa getting a rare chance to read to Esther.
 And back at home...Aaron Joseph loves to follow the vacuum around - he figured out how to push it and was pretty pleased.
 Aaron and I at a pastor and wives party.
 Leah, Esther, and Caleb - we made up plates of cookies to give to our neighbors. It was fun to have an excuse to do a bunch of baking.
 Miriam at the 100 year old house party.
 Two handsome men :)
 We went to the Christmas Eve service at FFC - the girls loved the real stable/manger scene.
 Opening stockings on Christmas morning!
 It didn't take Aaron Joseph long to figure out what to do...
Finally, some boy toys around the house!

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