Friday, January 23, 2015

Silas and Karen's Wedding

 We moved into our "church home" a few days before the wedding, but first, a new door had to be put in the girls' room to meet fire codes.
 I didn't get very many good pictures of rehearsal, but here you can see Esther standing in front of Auntie Priscilla.
 Mom (with my sisters' and her sisters' help) had a very beautiful and delicious groom's supper.
 Hosanna, Anna, me holding Aaron Joseph, and Esther
 Silas and Karen, Mom and Dad
 I went to take a picture of the cake and Anna jumped in -
 Hosanna helped me with the fondant and the flowers were what really made the cake beautiful!
 Aaron, Aaron Joseph, and Anna
 The cutest flower girl ever!
 Silas waving goodbye -
 This picture was blurry, but I like it anyway :)
I asked Silas to smile and this was the look I got...Hopefully I'll post more pictures before three months goes by again!

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