Friday, January 23, 2015

Corn Maze

 Esther and Anna having more fun in Aaron Joseph's playpen than he does :)
 In early October, we went to a conference in WI and Aaron's parents came to spend a couple days with us - we had a little early birthday party for Esther.
 One of our favorite things to do when we travel through WI is to buy cheese for a special snack.
 Anna and the other children helping me pick the winter squash - which we're still enjoying in January :)

 I know no one wants to see corn maze pictures this time of year, but you'll have to endure them...
 I think it was the last weekend I finally got around to actually going through the maze. Esther and Anna grabbed each other's hands :)

 A lady offered to take one of all of us...
 The tire dinosaur -
 Anna joining in a straw hunt -
I love this picture of Sarah and Aaron Joseph!

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