Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Update 3 - Apple, Chipmunk, Clothes Line, Hat

 There's an apple tree out behind the house and Aaron took the girls out to pick a few -
 There's a chipmunk (or maybe there's several) - that lives near the house and has provided us entertainment this summer. This is on our front porch.
 Since we knew we'd only be in this place for a few months, we didn't bother to hook up our dryer, so I've been using a clothes line. It seems like the best way to keep Aaron Joseph out of trouble is to put him in with the clothes :)
 I don't actually remember why the clothes are on the ground...
 One of our first visits to one of our favorite places!
 It's amazing how just a couple months ago, he was just starting to push himself up and now he pretty much gets where he wants to go.

Everyone's awake from their naps, so more tomorrow!

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