Sunday, October 7, 2012

Corn Maze in TN (2 of 2)

 For Esther's birthday,  her TN grandparents took us to a corn maze - the weather was just cool enough to be fall like and we all enjoyed our "farm experience" :)
 For those of you not into corn mazes, this may be a boring post - we took pictures of everything that looked remotely interesting to show my family. And since posting pictures is easier than emailing them, you all get in on our day!
 "Duck races"
 This little people house was probably Esther's favorite part. We had to drag her really isn't that small either - I could stand up inside.
 Hi Mama!
 "Milking the cow" - there was plastic to squeeze on and water came out into a pail...there were also signs up in the shed about dairy facts.
 Animals of course - this is the goat. (Esther's in the purple jacket - since I got it out the other day, she hasn't wanted to take it off!)
 Anna was so good all afternoon. This is the tire pyramid.
 There were several places for photo shoots. This was right before we went home - as for the maze, you'll be horrified at me, but we didn't make it all the way through :( We were lost somewhere at the end of the field and it was raining and we found our way back to the "pumpkin ride" trail and took that out...
 "Rat races"
 "Case IH self-peddled go-karts"
 Esther on the edge of the giant sand box
 There was quite a bit of just playground type things
People were standing in line for kettle corn. There was also a zip-line, giant bubble to jump on, air powered pumpkin shooter, food, pumpkins, bale tunnel, corn bin, and more...


The K. Family said...

Love both posts!! Such cute pictures of the girls and they've grown so much! I love the maze pictures too! Some great ideas!

Daniel and Rachel said...

Wow, that's an awesome looking corn maze! It must be huge to have so much stuff. And as far as the "little people house" not being so little since you could stand up in it.....wellllll..... ;) Haha. Just kidding!!