Sunday, October 7, 2012

At Home in September (1 of 2)

 I took a few pictures of everyday life this month to share with you :) Above is Esther all ready for church.
 I was washing dishes and looked down to see Anna getting into our "spatula" drawer.
 She was pretty pleased with herself -
 And went on to take out the stuff - one of Esther's favorite activities as well.
 Anna playing with a toy coin -
 She's also been pulling herself up to a standing position this week!
 Our funny baby :) She now has one of her top teeth in, as well as the bottom two.
 Esther in the church nursery.
 Esther hanging out on the couch with "Daddy."
 I haven't got much exersize at all this summer, but the other day when we were at the church I walked in the gym and pushed the girls in the stroller.
Esther got two of the same outfit for her first birthday last year -  both 12 months size - Esther's just outgrown them and Anna's just growing into them!

We've also finished (mostly) moving and Aaron's been doing some yard work. The garden is pretty much done. Some people gave us some apples that we've been drying. That's all for now....

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Where the Green Grass Grows said...

They are just so cute:)You dress them so cute too:) God bless!!